6 Superfoods That You Can Cook With Bird Nest

Many people know that for bird nest, it is commonly cooked with goji berry, red dates, ginseng etc. However, bird nest actually can go along with many other healthy foods.

Here are the 6 superfoods that you can cook with your bird nest

Chia seeds

The small chia seeds are rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, which is beneficial for enhancing immunity. Studies show that chia seeds may lower the rise in blood sugar level. It is the most weight loss friendly dietary nutrient, because it’s high in protein and fiber, which also improves your digestive health.

Dry apricots

Dry apricots are low in calories and fat and it’s a perfect source for vitamins A and C. It contains numerous antioxidants, which can help protect your body from many chronic diseases and also boost your skin complexion. Apricot is a good source of soluble fiber, which can boost your digestive health.


Barley contains a range of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial plant compounds, adding barley to your diet may reduce heart diseases risk, such as high blood pressure. The high fibers contained plays an important role in digestion and reduce cholesterol levels.


Cranberries are a good source of vitamin B and C which can boost your immune system, support collagen production for wound healing and a better skin complexion. The vitamin E contained can also prevent the risk of getting chronic diseases.

Acai berry

Acai berries contain healthy fats and low amounts of sugar. It is rich in antioxidants which counteract the damaging effects of inflammation and oxidation in the brain, this can help boost your brain function. According to some studies, acai berries have even shown to have an anti-cancer effect.


Pomegranate has antioxidant, anti-viral and anti-tumor properties and is a good source of vitamins. It is able to boost your immunity, improve your memory. protect you from free radicals and heart diseases and lower your blood pressure.

For all the 6 superfoods that were mentioned, you just add a moderate amount while cooking the bird nest, that’s good enough for a better taste, and you can also enjoy the health benefits !

Bird Nest And Pregnancy

We all know that bird nest is nourishing, the health benefits of bird nests are well-documented and proven by many studies.The nutrients contained can benefit the health of the baby and mothers during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Now we will talk about the benefits of consuming bird nest during pregnancy, so the first one is it can

  • Enhance skin complexion and retain youthfulness, because Bird nest is rich in EGF-like peptides and it stimulates the production of collagen, which are essential for skin and tissue repair and retains skin radiance. Therefore it can help you get a smooth and soft skin. According to mothers, – consuming bird nest can even reduce their stretch marks.
  • Strengthening both the mother’s and the baby’s immune system. Bird nest contains glycoprotein which can boost one’s immunity. Sialic acid in the bird nest is also able to neutralize the viral infectious activity and resist a variety of infective bacteria.
  • Promote healthy growth to the foetus. Consuming bird nests stimulates cell growth and increases blood supply. The antioxidants in the bird nest help eliminate free radicals and promote healthy foetus growth.
  • Speed up Postnatal recovery Bird nest actually can help recover muscles, tissues and skin after giving birth. The various nutrients in the bird nest help to speed up recovery and also provide vital energy for the mom.
  • Best Frequency: The best time to drink bird nest during pregnancy is from the 4th month which is the 2nd trimester onwards. And the recommended amount is 5g of bird nest consumed per day.

So in conclusion, The tradition of consuming bird nest during pregnancy has its own merits and can be proven by modern studies. it’s important for pregnant women to take extra care of their body during and after pregnancy.

Why Bird Nest Is So Expensive

Why Bird Nest is so Expensive

Bird nest as a delicacy is quite expensive, and it has many names like the Caviar of the east and white gold due to its high status.

And why is bird nest so expensive?

1st is Scarcity: 

Swiftlets are wild. they can’t be kept in captivity or breed using modern technology. The population only depends on the environment around it. This limits the supply of bird nests, thus making the prices constantly high.

2nd is the Exclusive Image: 

Because of the scarcity factor, In the olden days, only Chinese royalties and nobilities had the privilege to consume it, which made the perception of the bird nest products even more exclusive.

3rd is the Complicated and costly process from retrieval to retail 

  • Bird nest used to be harvested in caves which have high ceilings with rock or ocean bottom, this is the swiftlets’ natural habitat. It’s very dangerous to climb with bamboo and harvest bird nest.
  • From there the bird nests are transported to big cities and sold to the bird nest wholesalers. Sometimes the journey is far and dangerous, there might be burglars etc.
  • For bird nest processing it ‘s being processed with water. And during the cleaning process, its weight will be reduced by 20 – 40% and also diluted its value.
  • Bird nests are packed and sent to the designated countries by plane because bird nest is a luxury food product that needs special care and handling, if not it can be broken or expired. 
  • For most of the bird nest companies, usually they will count the middle man redistribution cost in the bird nest’s prices. However, for integrated companies like Pristine farm, we don’t have any middleman cost because we get our bird nest from our own farms. 

So in summary, all these factors contributed to the cost of bird nests which eventually caused an increase in the prices.

5 Myths about edible bird nests. Are they True?

Hi guys, nowadays we realized people are still having many misconceptions about edible bird nests.  So today, we will talk about the 5 most common myths we found:

So the first one is – Red bird nests AKA blood nests are formed because the swiftlets vomited blood and they die after that.

The answer is no. 

All swiftlets produce white saliva. But because of the specific farms or caves condition, it will slowly change to yellow, and eventually red color and also change its content. The swiftlets won’t die after that and normally can live up to 10 yrs.

The second one is – All white colored bird nests are bleached

The answer is still no.

 When the bird nest first formed it’s all white and translucent in color. But under certain circumstances it’ll change the color to faded white color or even red color like the blood nest that was mentioned earlier. Bird nests that are bleached will have different smells when cooked.

And the third one is – edible bird nest is unethical 

That is not true.

Edible bird nest is ethical, no matter from the environment point of view and the ecosystem point of view. Since people started swiftlet farming, the population of swiftlets has actually been increasing over the years. And the bird nest farmers also prefer a clean environment with more green areas to sustain the swiftlet population.

The forth one is – Bird Nest is not vegetarian

The answer is, not exactly

In fact, It is vegetarian for most people. Just like milk, a swiftlet does not die when a bird nest is harvested and people don’t consume the meat of the bird. If the nest is not harvested, the bird will keep on building the nest (like patching the existing one), but the space inside remains the same.

The last myth is – If you do Bird nest business, there will be a curse 

It is just a pure myth.

People think this way is because they falsely believed that in order to harvest the nest, the bird needs to sacrifice itself. So as a curse it will cause some of the bird nest farmers’ family members to get sick often. Now we know it’s simply because in olden days bird nest farmers usually lived under the same roof with the bird, which is very unhygienic, thus its normal for them to get pathogens and diseases. Today this is no longer the case and fewer people believe it.

How to Cook Bird Nest Correctly

We all know bird nest is a natural tonic that is very high in its nutritional value. Nowadays, more and more people are consuming bird nests, but many consumers are still unsure about how to cook bird nests correctly, so today we will take you step by step to show you how to cook bird nests correctly so we can preserve the most nutrients in the bird nest.

Before we start

These are the things we need, first, is our dry bird nest, then common ingredients that you want to put in like longan, red dates, goji berry, rock sugar or others, you can choose any combination from these ingredients and lastly a double boiler, but if you don’t have a double boiler, you can use a slow cooker as well.

Step 1:

You can cut the thick points at the end of the nest to allow water to get in fully. And soak it for 30-40 minutes. This step is to make sure the dry nests absorb the water so it can be cooked better later and also to rinse off all the impurities.

Step 2:

After 30-40 minutes, we pour out the used water and cook it in a double boiler or slow cooker along with your preferred ingredients, in this case we are putting red dates and rock sugar

Step 3:

Now we need to wait for 25 minutes for the double boiler or about 1 hour for the slow cooker. Now we have a delicious bird nest with all the nutrition preserved inside, now it’s time to enjoy!

Pristine Farms Company Profile

About Pristine Farm

Pristine Farm’s key focus is all about product quality, and in order to ensure we bring the best quality bird nest to our customers, we have integrated quality control in all the processes. 

From our bird nest houses to processing facilities, we closely monitor every step in the production process. With our integrated quality control, we ensure food safety and the best bird nest quality.

Our farm

At Pristine Farm, we have our own farms which are located at the most pristine areas. We produce the largest edible bird nest volume and our quality assurance starts from farms to retail level. 

Studies have shown that bird nests harvested from pristine areas have higher nutritional value and are more beneficial to our physical health. 

Different from the typical bird nest houses, we clean our farms every month to reduce bacteria and pathogens, thus preserving a better quality product.   

Now, our bird nests are consumed by millions of people across different countries.

Our finishing factory

Our finishing product factories are located in Singapore, and are certified with ISO22000, HACCP, HALAL, CNCA, Badan Karantina Pertanian and NKV. 

Our Product

Pristine Farm offers a wide variety of bird nest products to satisfy the different needs from our customers, like from our unique freshly cooked bird nest, our bird nest drink, bottled concentrated bird nest to our dry nests. 

Our bird nests are value for money, prices are relatively lower compared to other bird nest brands, because we harvest our bird nests from our own farms so there is no middle man at all.

Our customers

We have received many positive reviews from our customers,
And many of them bought subscription plans for long term consumption.

Besides that, we come up with new programmes and promotions every now and then. Like membership discounts, jar recycling programme and other additional promotions to show our appreciation to our customers.

Bird nest reviews on Pristine Farms Freshly Cooked Bird Nest

Check out this bird nest video reviews on Pristine Farm’s freshly cooked bird nest, see what our consumers say about our product.

Thank you Sara Wong, Wong Sisi, Amanda and Claris for your kind video reviews of Pristine Farms freshly cooked Bird Nest.

This bird nest video reviews is about Pristine Farm’s Freshly Cooked Bird Nest. We offers 7 different toppings (natural, goji berry, pandan, american ginseng, rose, chia seeds, red dates) that can satisfy your needs.

Pristine Farm bird nest

In Pristine farms, we offers freshly cooked bird nests that use natural ingredients. Our bird nests are cooked with low heat in double boiler, the traditional way. We have received many positive bird nest reviews by our customers and we will continue to improve more and more.

  1. Farming

Our Farms are located in the most Pristine area. Therefore bird Nest that comes from pristine area consist of higher nutrition (sialic acid, etc), as proven in recent scientific studies.

2. Processing Facilities

Pristine Farm’s processing facilities cleans bird nest from debris and other impurities. These facilities use 100% natural processes that are tightly managed by stringent set of standards.

3. Finished Product Factories

Our finished-product factory, that is located in Singapore, is certified with ISO22000, one of the highest standard in food industry. It is the final process before being sent to customers.

We hope to build confidence with our customers because trust is out main priority.

Stay tune for more bird nest reviews!

Wanted to know more about the products we offers? Click here.


上面的视频是我们Pristine Farm的顾客对我们燕窝产品的真实反馈和评价。

视频中的产品是Pristine Farm’s Freshly cooked Bird Nest, 这款燕窝有7个口味可以选择来满足您的各种需要。

Pristine Farm 燕窝

Pristine farms 提供新鲜刚煮好的燕窝,我们使用天然成分,确保无任何添加物。 我们用传统的双层锅炉小火煮燕窝。我们的新鲜燕窝一直以来收到了很多顾客的 好评,但同时我们还在不停的改进,进步,只希望能在确保品质的同时,给顾客更好的产品。


Traditional Chinese Medicine and Bird Nest

TCM stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine and it has more than 2000 years of history. And under TCM, bird nest has a tradition of consumption for over 1000 years already.

Today we will tell you more about TCM and where does bird nest fall under. 🙂

TCM stands for Traditional Chinese medicine and it has more than 2000 years of history. 

Different from western medicine, TCM adopts a holistic approach in healing the body and mind, and is better in curing the root of the problem. However it is slow in action so requires longer treatment.

TCM believes the human body has organic unity. The sense of unity is based on the opposing and complementary relationships of Yin and Yang. Yin and yang are usually in an unbalanced state. Illness occurs when one becomes unbalanced in the body.

Although our body organs perform their own individual functions, they are still interdependent on one another. 

‘Heaty’ means there is excess yang energy in the body, whereas ‘cooling’ means there is excess yin energy. When our body is under Heaty conditions, it results in fever, throat pain, acne, and mouth ulcers. On the other hand, under cooling conditions, it results in chills, pale complexion and tends to feel tired easily. 

TCM has undergone many testing. And Many research have shown that it is safe and effective. In fact, the World Health Organization is including a section on TCM in its upcoming guide for diagnosing and classifying diseases.

Because TCM is getting well-recognized in  the world, it leads to the significant rise in the demand for bird nests. Bird nests have a tradition of use for more than 1000 years. It is classified as a tonic in TCM. According to “Supplements to Compendium of Materia Medica”,Birds nest nourishes Yin energy in the lungs, resolves phlegm and relieves coughing.

TCM believes that “the lungs govern skin and hair”.  Bird nests can improve one’s complexion, reduce signs of aging. Modern research has found that it contains glycoprotein that promotes recovery and anti-aging, antioxidants that can boost immunity and sialic acid which is essential for brain development.

As more people are aware of the benefits of bird nests, its supply has extended, not just within Asian, some have even reached to western countries. Today, Traditional Chinese medicine is widely used to promote health and improve overall well-being.  And to complement the Western medical treatment.

Bird Nest Comparison of Pristine Farm and other brands

Watch the bird nest comparison video below to find out the difference between Pristine Farm concentrated bottled bird nest and other brand’s bottled bird nest.

After watching the bird nest comparison video you will observe quite a lot differences:

  • Our bird nest came from our own farm which is located at the most pristine area. Bird nests harvested from pristine area are proven to have more nutritional value.
  • Pristine Farm bird nests products are all processed in Singapore ISO22000 Facility, and also HACCP certified.

Wanna watch more videos about bird nest? You can check out our YouTube.

看完这个对比视频,你会发现Pristine Farm的燕窝和其他燕窝品牌的区别:

  • Pristine Farm 的高浓度燕窝的燕窝含量和浓度都比另一个品牌的燕窝好很多,因为我们的燕窝里含有高达5克的高质量干燕窝。
  • 我们的燕窝都采集于自家的养殖场,我们养殖厂位于纯净原始地区,研究表明从那里采集到的燕窝都有更高的营养价值。
  • Pristine Farm 燕窝产品都在新加坡ISO22000设施加工,并且拥有HACCP认证。


Bird Nest Can Prevent You From Cold and Flu?

Does eating bird nest helps to prevent cold and flu?

Well, covid-19 is a serious matter and a hot topic currently. With the current covid-19 situation, everyone is very concerned with their physical wellness, especially when it comes to colds, flus and fever. And many people are wondering whether consuming bird nest can help to prevent cold and flu.

So today we will share with you the benefits of consuming bird nest in terms of how bird nest can prevent colds and flus. 🙂

Now, with the current covid situation all around, everyone is very concerned about their body immunity and health.

And do you know that eating bird nests can actually prevent colds and flus and improve your body’s immunity?

Well, Bird nest is a natural nutritional tonic. It contains protein, minerals and amino acids, which are the nutrients that can boost our body’s immunity and increase resistance to external environmental factors. Bird nests are also rich in glycoprotein and sialic acid. See more benefits of bird nest, click here.

According to National Centre for Biotechnology Information, sialic acid in bird nest is an active ingredient of the anti-flu virus.

Therefore it can neutralise the viral infectious activity, and will not be degraded by digestive enzymes. Sialic acid helps in resisting a variety of infective bacteria. Therefore consuming bird nest can prevent you from getting cold and flu.

Watch more bird nest related content, check out our YouTube.





因为燕窝是一个天然补品,它含有丰富的蛋白质,矿物质和氨基酸。这些营养都可以提高我们身体的免疫力,增强我们对外界影响的抵抗力。燕窝还含有糖蛋白和唾液酸。想了解吃燕窝的更多益处,click here