Bird Nest And Pregnancy

We all know that bird nest is nourishing, the health benefits of bird nests are well-documented and proven by many studies.The nutrients contained can benefit the health of the baby and mothers during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Now we will talk about the benefits of consuming bird nest during pregnancy, so the first one is it can

  • Enhance skin complexion and retain youthfulness, because Bird nest is rich in EGF-like peptides and it stimulates the production of collagen, which are essential for skin and tissue repair and retains skin radiance. Therefore it can help you get a smooth and soft skin. According to mothers, – consuming bird nest can even reduce their stretch marks.
  • Strengthening both the mother’s and the baby’s immune system. Bird nest contains glycoprotein which can boost one’s immunity. Sialic acid in the bird nest is also able to neutralize the viral infectious activity and resist a variety of infective bacteria.
  • Promote healthy growth to the foetus. Consuming bird nests stimulates cell growth and increases blood supply. The antioxidants in the bird nest help eliminate free radicals and promote healthy foetus growth.
  • Speed up Postnatal recovery Bird nest actually can help recover muscles, tissues and skin after giving birth. The various nutrients in the bird nest help to speed up recovery and also provide vital energy for the mom.
  • Best Frequency: The best time to drink bird nest during pregnancy is from the 4th month which is the 2nd trimester onwards. And the recommended amount is 5g of bird nest consumed per day.

So in conclusion, The tradition of consuming bird nest during pregnancy has its own merits and can be proven by modern studies. it’s important for pregnant women to take extra care of their body during and after pregnancy.

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