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Bird Nest Comparison of Pristine Farm and other brands

Watch the bird nest comparison video below to find out the difference between Pristine Farm concentrated bottled bird nest and other brand’s bottled bird nest.

After watching the bird nest comparison video you will observe quite a lot differences:

  • Our bird nest came from our own farm which is located at the most pristine area. Bird nests harvested from pristine area are proven to have more nutritional value.
  • Pristine Farm bird nests products are all processed in Singapore ISO22000 Facility, and also HACCP certified.

Wanna watch more videos about bird nest? You can check out our YouTube.

看完这个对比视频,你会发现Pristine Farm的燕窝和其他燕窝品牌的区别:

  • Pristine Farm 的高浓度燕窝的燕窝含量和浓度都比另一个品牌的燕窝好很多,因为我们的燕窝里含有高达5克的高质量干燕窝。
  • 我们的燕窝都采集于自家的养殖场,我们养殖厂位于纯净原始地区,研究表明从那里采集到的燕窝都有更高的营养价值。
  • Pristine Farm 燕窝产品都在新加坡ISO22000设施加工,并且拥有HACCP认证。


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