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Bird nest reviews on Pristine Farms Freshly Cooked Bird Nest

Check out this bird nest video reviews on Pristine Farm’s freshly cooked bird nest, see what our consumers say about our product.

Thank you Sara Wong, Wong Sisi, Amanda and Claris for your kind video reviews of Pristine Farms freshly cooked Bird Nest.

This bird nest video reviews is about Pristine Farm’s Freshly Cooked Bird Nest. We offers 7 different toppings (natural, goji berry, pandan, american ginseng, rose, chia seeds, red dates) that can satisfy your needs.

Pristine Farm bird nest

In Pristine farms, we offers freshly cooked bird nests that use natural ingredients. Our bird nests are cooked with low heat in double boiler, the traditional way. We have received many positive bird nest reviews by our customers and we will continue to improve more and more.

  1. Farming

Our Farms are located in the most Pristine area. Therefore bird Nest that comes from pristine area consist of higher nutrition (sialic acid, etc), as proven in recent scientific studies.

2. Processing Facilities

Pristine Farm’s processing facilities cleans bird nest from debris and other impurities. These facilities use 100% natural processes that are tightly managed by stringent set of standards.

3. Finished Product Factories

Our finished-product factory, that is located in Singapore, is certified with ISO22000, one of the highest standard in food industry. It is the final process before being sent to customers.

We hope to build confidence with our customers because trust is out main priority.

Stay tune for more bird nest reviews!

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上面的视频是我们Pristine Farm的顾客对我们燕窝产品的真实反馈和评价。

视频中的产品是Pristine Farm’s Freshly cooked Bird Nest, 这款燕窝有7个口味可以选择来满足您的各种需要。

Pristine Farm 燕窝

Pristine farms 提供新鲜刚煮好的燕窝,我们使用天然成分,确保无任何添加物。 我们用传统的双层锅炉小火煮燕窝。我们的新鲜燕窝一直以来收到了很多顾客的 好评,但同时我们还在不停的改进,进步,只希望能在确保品质的同时,给顾客更好的产品。


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