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Freshly Cooked Bird Nest (Video)

The newest edition of our products as well as our current best selling product, is the freshly cooked bird nest selection. Just like a catering, right after our factories cooked the bird nest, we will deliver it to your doorsteps right away on the same day!!

The quality of bottled bird nest is a main concern for majority of the bird nest consumers, like preservatives issues, high heat treatment, and other additives that decrease the bird nest quality (Pristine Farm’s bird nest does not contain any preservatives). 

Freshly cooked bird nest uses natural ingredients and, we cook it with low heat in double boiler, the traditional way. Because this way, it best reserves the nutrients in bird nest, so is the most beneficial to your health. Want to know more about the benefits of consuming bird nest? Click here.

Our factory in Singapore also produces other “ready to eat” selections. The factory is equipped with one of the highest food safety standard (ISO 22000 and HACCP) We are producing for you daily with our full attention and special care. We hope to build confidence with our customers because trust is out main priority. So try out our freshly cooked bird nest now!! 

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