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Premium Concentrated Bird Nest Pristine Farm

Pristine Farm Premium Bird Nest Concentrated 100g with honey rock sugar

  • Consist 5g High Quality Dry Bird Nest
  • Bird Nest harvested from our own farms
  • Thick & Concentrated bird nest content
  • Processed in Singapore ISO22000 Facility

For premium bird nest concentrated, Pristine farm offers 3 options to satisfy our customers’ different needs.

  • honey rock sugar
  • less sugar
  • ginseng

You can purchase the premium bird nest by clicking here.

Check out more videos about bird nest on our YouTube channel.

Pristine Farm优质高浓度燕窝(石蜂糖口味) 100克

  • 含有5克的优质干燕窝。
  • 燕窝都是来自我们自己的农场和工厂
  • 燕窝高含量高浓度
  • 拥有 ISO22000认证等多项安全认证

Pristine Farm优质高浓度燕窝为了满足不同顾客的不同需求,一共有三种不同添加物和口味可以选择。

  • 石蜂糖
  • 低糖
  • 高丽参



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  1. […] Pristine Farm concentrated bird nest is thicker in texture and way more concentrated than other brand’s one. Because our bird nest consists 5g high quality dry bird nest […]

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