About Pristine Farm

Pristine Farm Company Philosophy

3 Most important aspect of Pristine Farm: QUALITY, QUALITY, and QUALITY. Your values aligned with our mission as we want to see our customers have a better life quality.

Holistic approach to wellness is one of the crucial approaches. Through bird nest we hope to provide a strong supplements for people who is living a hectic modern life. Know more about the benefits of consuming bird nest, click here.

Bird nest naturally has different quality from the harvesting places to the way it is processed. We harvest all of our bird nest from our own farms which is in the pristine area (less than 9 people living in 1 km2). Furthermore, Agriculture Institute in Indonesia already proved that bird nests from pristine area have higher nutrition value.

Besides that, our farming method is also sustainable, thus healthy bird will generate healthy products!

Pristine Farm offers freshly cooked bird nests that use natural ingredients. We use double boiler with low heat to cook our bird nests, the traditional way.

  1. Farming

Our Farms are located in the most pristine area. And the recent scientific studies proved that bird nest that comes from pristine area contains higher nutrition value like sialic acid etc.

2. Processing Facilities

Pristine Farm’s processing facilities clean the debris and other impurities from bird nest. These facilities use 100% natural processes and are tightly managed by stringent set of standards.

3. Finished Product Factories

Our finished-product factory, which is located in Singapore, is ISO22000 certified which is one of the highest standards in food industry. This is the final process before we send our bird nest to customers.

Pristine Farm hope to give confidence to our customers because trust is out main priority.

Know more about the bird nest product we offers, click here.

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