About Pristine Farm

Pristine Farm Company Profile

About Pristine Farm

Pristine Farm’s key focus is all about product quality, and in order to ensure we bring the best quality bird nest to our customers, we have integrated quality control in all the processes. 

From our bird nest houses to processing facilities, we closely monitor every step in the production process. With our integrated quality control, we ensure food safety and the best bird nest quality.

Our Farms

At Pristine Farm, we have our own farms which are located at 400 most pristine locations in the rich Indonesian jungle. We produce the largest edible bird nest volume and our quality assurance starts from farms to retail level. 

Studies have shown that bird nests harvested from pristine areas have been proven scientifically to have higher nutritious content such as sialic acid, glycoprotein and are more beneficial to our physical health. 

Different from the typical bird nest houses, we clean our farms every month to reduce bacteria and pathogens, thus preserving a better quality product.

Our Factories

Our processing factories are located in Indonesia and are certified with HACCP, HALAL, CNCA, Badan Karantina Pertanian and NKV.

Our finished-product factory, that is located in Singapore, adheres to strict food safety standards. It is the final process before being sent to customers.

Our Products

Pristine Farm offers a wide variety of bird nest products to satisfy the different needs from our customers, like from our unique freshly cooked bird nest, bottled concentrated bird nest, bird nest drink, to premium dry bird nest.

Our bird nests are value for money, prices are relatively lower compared to other bird nest brands, because we harvest our bird nests from our own farms so there is no middle man at all.

Our customers

We have received many positive reviews from our customers, and many bought subscription plans for long term consumption.

Besides that, we come up with new programmes and promotions every now and then. Like membership discounts, affiliate programme and other additional promotions to show our appreciation to our customers.

We hope to serve you soon! Thank you.

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