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Why Bird Nest Is So Expensive

Why Bird Nest is so Expensive

Bird nest as a delicacy is quite expensive, and it has many names like the Caviar of the east and white gold due to its high status.

And why is bird nest so expensive?

1st is Scarcity: 

Swiftlets are wild. they can’t be kept in captivity or breed using modern technology. The population only depends on the environment around it. This limits the supply of bird nests, thus making the prices constantly high.

2nd is the Exclusive Image: 

Because of the scarcity factor, In the olden days, only Chinese royalties and nobilities had the privilege to consume it, which made the perception of the bird nest products even more exclusive.

3rd is the Complicated and costly process from retrieval to retail 

  • Bird nest used to be harvested in caves which have high ceilings with rock or ocean bottom, this is the swiftlets’ natural habitat. It’s very dangerous to climb with bamboo and harvest bird nest.
  • From there the bird nests are transported to big cities and sold to the bird nest wholesalers. Sometimes the journey is far and dangerous, there might be burglars etc.
  • For bird nest processing it ‘s being processed with water. And during the cleaning process, its weight will be reduced by 20 – 40% and also diluted its value.
  • Bird nests are packed and sent to the designated countries by plane because bird nest is a luxury food product that needs special care and handling, if not it can be broken or expired. 
  • For most of the bird nest companies, usually they will count the middle man redistribution cost in the bird nest’s prices. However, for integrated companies like Pristine farm, we don’t have any middleman cost because we get our bird nest from our own farms. 

So in summary, all these factors contributed to the cost of bird nests which eventually caused an increase in the prices.

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