Skin Care

How To Achieve Radiant Glow Skin

Skin. The largest organ in the body that functions as a barrier against microbes and outside elements, helps regulate the body’s temperature, and houses the nerves responsible for sensations of touch, heat, and cold.
Drastic changes in weather conditions, combined with stress and other lifestyle factors, can take their toll on the skin. Taking care of one’s skin is key in retaining its radiant glow and health.
Asian women seem to keep their youthful look longer than other races. It seems they have the secret to slowing down aging and keeping that glow of youth forever. One such secret is bird’s nest. This product is regarded as one of the four great youth tonics in traditional Chinese medicine.

Bird’s nest is one of the most difficult natural products to harvest and therefore is also one of the most expensive delicacies. This essential ingredient comes from the nest built by swiftlet along the inner walls of sea caves. The swiftlets take thirty-five days to carefully weave the nest using strands of its saliva. Harvesting these nests from cave walls requires specialized experience in caving and climbing techniques. Harvesters use bamboo poles to reach the nests and carefully scrape the nest from inside using special tools. Only a portion of the nest is taken, allowing the swiftlets to be able to rebuild the nest. 

Studies shows that bird nests that are harvested in pristine area have higher nutrition content that is beneficial for our skin. Pristine Farm, one  of the largest bird nest company, operates 400+ farms that are located at the most pristine areas in Indonesia. Pristine Farm also ensures that the consumers’ well-being is protected by assuring high-quality, health-centric processing that prioritizes hygiene and precision. 

Used by the Chinese in their cuisine, bird’s nest is rich in organic nutrients, including many glycoproteins and amino acids. Essential minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium. It is considered a yin tonic because of its cooling effect on the body. By providing a number of health and beauty benefits including the rejuvenation of epidermal cells to improve the elasticity and complexion of the skin, bolstering the body’s immune system to fight off disease, it also enhances cardiovascular and respiratory functions, reducing fatigue.

The skin benefits of bird’s nest have made it an essential ingredient in some of today’s Asian beauty products. Bird’s nest can transform dull and wrinkled skin into a luminous and youthful radiant glow. The skin is nourished and hydrated, softening it to keep it young-looking. Some bird’s nest beauty products also contain hyaluronic acid which aids in smoothening wrinkles and promotes skin hydration.