About Bird's Nest

Why Bird’s Nest Is One of the Most Prestigious Gifts You Can Give To Your Loved Ones

You already heard about the many health benefits of bird’s nest.

Aside from being healthy food, bird’s nest is so craved by the elite and the dynasties of Asian descent that it is also dubbed as the “Caviar of the East’’.

Bird’s nests are also popular for its cultural importance, and considered as gold and symbol of prestige, owing to their association with the heavens.

The birds ability to fly is said to link between heaven and earth. During the ancient times the birds represent the gods and the powers associated therewith. it symbolizes intelligence, honor, good fortune, and prestige.

Bird’s nest carries a high prestige and status as a gift. It’s all because your loved ones are worth giving it. Gifting bird’s nest is the best way to show your loved ones how much you appreciate what they have done for you by letting them have good health. Bird’s nest as a delicacy is expensive, and it has many names like the Caviar of the East and white gold due to its high status.

Not only does the benefits Bird’s nest that makes its more prestigious. As a gift, it represents a warm, safe and stable home life. It symbolizes a comforting home that brings you a great sense of comfort and relaxation. Building strong relationships with those closest to you, and an encouragement to get involved in your local community extending your feeling of home outward to your neighbors and community members.

Giving bird’s nest as gift, is like sending love. The parent birds put time, love and energy into creating the perfect nest to protect their eggs in. A physical representation of the love, commitment and dedication it takes to build a happy home.

Only recently, some bird’s nest companies provide the service for you to be able to send a freshly cooked bird’s nest to your loved ones, without them having the trouble to clean and cook it for a long time. Pristine Farm is one that gives the best value for money, farm to table, no middleman. It is also the largest integrated end to end bird’s nest company and its Pristine Farm Freshly Cooked Bird’s Nest is currently number one bestseller in Singapore.