All We Need to Know About Chicken Essence, The Kings Soup

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It was a day in 1835 when King George was feeling lethargic and had lost his appetite. To sustain the sovereign, his innovative chef at Buckingham Palace, brewed a concentrated chicken consommé́ that was fat-free and easily digested.

After a few helpings, the king’s appetite and strength were restored. News of the monarch’s recovery spread quickly. This essential tonic packaged in a unique tin can proved popular among the public. Chicken became a household staple among generations of families. People living and working in rapidly developing Asian cities found the supplement especially helpful for maintaining overall health and vitality.

Chicken essence is a nutritional supplement made using extracts from high-quality chicken. Heated and pressured to break down proteins in the chicken broth into smaller, more easily digested peptides. Essence of chicken is a nutritional supplement that is derived from cooking whole chicken. Removing any animal fats to produce a nutritional supplement with no cholesterol.

This Asian staple is famed for its cognitive benefits. recent studies suggest that its significant protein including peptides anserine and carnosine. It’s nutritional facts is mainly to support health, promote healing, increase metabolism, and relieve fatigue.

Manufacturers often stress that essence of chicken is not the same thing as chicken broth or chicken soup. Some have described this liquid nutritional supplement as a highly concentrated version of chicken broth. It doesn’t necessarily have a strong chicken flavor, and many users report that it is largely tasteless or that it has a bitter taste.

It is believed to provide all the same nutrients found in chicken or chicken soup. That a serving can provide up to three times as many nutrients as a serving of chicken soup or a normal serving of chicken meat. It is generally considered safe for people suffering from heart problems and high blood cholesterol.

Most essence of chicken are cooked without added preservatives, chemicals, or flavorings, caffeine. However, it may be combined with ginseng and other herbs, which may have a stimulant effect.

It is believed to have plenty of good benefits for our health. It is widely known in many Asian countries as a traditional remedy for fatigue and an effective health supplement.

Its meticulous extraction process, chicken essence provides superior nourishment. However, while the benefits of drip chicken essence have long been widely speculated, not many people believed it. Here are some of the best benefits of chicken essence:

Boost Immune

With the COVID-19 pandemic, our immunity is our main priority. One of the main benefits of chicken essence is to maintain our immune system in its best condition. Regular consumption can help us fight flu infections. A study from Cambridge University showed, chicken essence is proven to have a boosting effect on our immunoglobulins or antibodies, and maintains our antibodies, most especially during our stressed condition.

• Recover Muscle Fatigue and Improve Brain Performance

Chicken essence is already widely known to have the ability to reduce our physical fatigue. It can also help you recover from mental fatigue.  It was found that chicken essence has anti-fatigue potential that can aid both our physical and mental recovery.

• Improves Focus and Concentration

One of the common symptoms of mental fatigue is Impaired focus and concentration. by consuming chicken essence daily, it can improve your concentration and helps you recover quickly. it was found that chicken essence can have a big impact on brain performance. It can also increase the production of stress relieving hormones, making our bodies recover quickly from stress.

• Regulates Blood Sugar Level

Among the leading causes of death in Singapore, Diabetes is on top. Currently, there is no cure for this lifelong illness, though it can be managed with a proper diet, regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight to control blood sugar.

Chicken essence has benefits that can minimize hyperglycemia or high blood sugar level. Remarkably, the essence of chicken has been proven to contain L-Carnosine, a type of protein that helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Enhances Mood

Stress is inevitable. These modern times, it is an increasingly competitive and fast-paced society, stress is a very common among us. It can result in mood swings and feeling down from time to time.

The essence of chicken can have benefits to our cognitive functions. Particularly, it increases alertness and reduce anxiety that eventually leads to depressions. Chicken essence contains amino acids, proteins, and peptides, which enhance the quality of our physical and mental health. It can help alleviate stress and enhance one’s mood.

At Pristine Farm, we have carefully selected the kind of Chicken, using French Poulet for our Premium Chicken Essence, one of the best European style poultry.

We believe that the true taste of chickens has been eroding as time goes by. As such, we went back to basics to find a superior breed of chicken which taste better to deliver the true taste of chickens.

Pristine Farm uses only:

• Superior French breed

• Naturally slow growing breed

• Free from antibiotics & growth hormone

• Low stocking density

• Stringent bio-security

• Certified humane certification

• 100% vegetarian diet

• Lower in fats, cholesterol, and sodium

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