DANG SHEN, Poor Man’s Ginseng Rich with Medicinal Benefits

Dang Shen or commonly known as Poor Man’s Ginseng, one of the most famous and widely used Chinese tonic herbs.  The dried root is commonly used in Chinese herbal medicine is produced in the Northeast of China, North of China, Northwest of China, Sichuan. 

It is regarded as both a food and medicine. The roots cultivation is a long meticulous process. After harvesting in autumn, dang shen is thoroughly cleaned, air dried, and further processed.

In ancient China, dang Shen was used along with ginseng to create a tonic that helped replenish one’s qi. Like ginseng, Dang Shen or Codonoposis Root is collected from the wild so is considered more powerful than those that are cultivated. Roots of high quality have a sweet flavor considered too poor-quality roots which have little taste and are considered to be less value for medicinal purposes.

Health Benefits of Dang Shen

  • Invigorates the Spleen and Lung functions so that Qi is replenished
  • It promotes the production of body fluids
  • Blood tonic and a major immune system tonic
  • Boosting vitality and relieving a sense of general fatigue
  • Excellent herb for children, very mild yet it has powerful strengthening effects.
  • Reduces the side-effects of toxic drugs by increasing red and white blood cell counts for patients undergoing AIDS treatment or chemotherapy.

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