Solomon’s Seal – A Secret Medicinal Herb

Yu Zhu is named Solomon’s Seal, because the scars on its rhizomes/stems look like the marks of an old-fashioned wax seal, and several legends about the biblical King Solomon revolved around the magical properties of his seal.

It is said to be more powerful than other ingredients, as its name, Salomon, is the wisest king in the bible. It may have an unusual name but this king ingredient has secret medicinal benefits.

Yu Zhu is a member of the Lily family which is used to improve the health of our lungs. It belongs to the ‘Tonic Herbs for Yin Deficiency’ category.

Extreme Yin Deficiency often refers to as ‘burn-out’, and more common among people today. Another great remedy against Yin Deficiency is a lot of rest and sleep.

Yu Zhu has been used for centuries from cultures all over the world and not just in Chinese herbal treatments.

Yu Zhu is cold in nature and also tastes sweet. Sweet ingredients like Yu Zhu tends to slow down acute reactions and detoxify the body. They also have a tonic effect because they replenish Qi and Blood.

The ingredients in TCM also determine what organs and Meridians they target; Yu Zhu is aiming for the Lungs and the Stomach.

Health Benefits of Yu Zhu

Yu Zhu is traditionally used in TCM and may be useful to:

• Reduce inflammation in the body

• Treatment of injuries of the joints and bones

• Help moisten our respiratory system

• Boost our immune system

• Improve Lung condition

• High in Vitamin A

• Help regulate blood sugar levels in diabetics

• Reduce painful menstrual cramps

• Regulate blood pressure

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