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What Can Sialic Acid Contribute to Human Health?

Derived from Greek word “Sialos” which means Saliva, Sialic Acid is a family of nine-carbon acidic monosaccharides that occur naturally at the end of sugar chains, attached to the surfaces of cells and soluble proteins. The highest concentration of Sialic Acid can be found in the brain. Sialic Acid is a significant component in all salivary mucins.

Sialic Acid is a key molecule essential for proper development of gangliosides, and crucial in brain development and function.

Recent pre-clinical studies suggest dietary supplementation with Sia or Sialylated Oligosaccharides enhances intelligence and cognition performance in early and later life.

As the human brain grows rapidly, it requires adequate nutrition. Human milk or breastmilk provides optimal nutrition for the developing brain, and breastfeeding significantly improves the cognition development of infants.

Sialic Acid is vital in red blood cell stabilization and in preventing blood component. Also stabilize the function of hormones and enzymes. They are known to play a significant role in the development of the central and peripheral nervous system.

The main food source of Sialic Acid is breast milk, eggs and cheese. Other dietary food sources also contain Sialic Acid such as red meats, beef, pork, lamb, and bird nest.

And the Sialic Acid content of edible bird’s nest is the highest in foods.

Pristine Farm bird’s nests are responsibly sourced, not just to preserve your health, but also to support safe harvesting procedures that ensure the wellbeing of Southeast Asia’s swallow population. Our bird’s nests are well-known for their great taste, beautiful colors, and long-standing therapeutic benefits. The location of the Farms is in the most Pristine area. Bird nests that come from pristine areas consist of higher nutrition such as Sialic Acid, as proven in recent scientific studies. Cooking is done in Singapore under strict food safety management to ensure the safest final products.

Pristine Farm values you and your loved ones can be fully benefited and enjoy bird nest’s great taste and health benefits. It is also great as a gift to show your love and appreciation or to celebrate the people that you care the most in life.

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