Affiliate Terms of Use

  • Affiliates will received 10% of their customers’ purchases until foreseeable future. In any case in which business dynamic changes rather significantly, affiliate commission rate may be altered (up or down) with 1 month notification.
  • 5% coupon for end customers may sometimes be offered to affiliates to push his/her sales further however, Stessa group Pte Ltd is entitled to add, reduce, or eliminate coupons depending on the business feasibility.
  • In order to receives commission customers need to make the purchase from the affiliates links.
  • To limit affiliates number and to create a healthy environment, Stessa Group Pte Ltd has the right to discontinue idle affiliates that performs under the bare minimum company sales of SG$ 1000,-. However such policy will not strictly enforced depending  on business environment analysis of the company.
  • Minimum commission payout is SGD 50, due to fixed administrative cost incurred in the company.
  • Affiliate links and coupon (when given) cannot be used for affiliate’s own personal purchase.
  • The use of Pristine Farm branding for affiliate’s marketing purpose cannot be misrepresented. e.g. Admitting that affiliates website is the main brand website,  projecting the brand in a false manner, and other brand misrepresentations.
  • Affiliates are not allow to offer rebates, coupons, or other form of promised kickbacks from their commission to their customers as an incentive to purchase.