What are the Benefits of Bird’s Nest Consumption?

Have you already heard about the benefits of the Bird’s nest and why is it called a holy grail and why some may even consider it as the Elixir of life?

Aside from it being a valuable food for the elite and the dynasties of asian descent also dubbed as the “Caviar of the East’’, bird’s nests are also popular for its cultural importance, and considered as gold for its renowned health benefits.

Birds are revered as symbols of prestige, owing to their association with the heavens.

No question as to why they’re still regarded as a high end nutritious food with therapeutic properties in many parts of Asia. 


Let’s start with a quick overview:

Edible bird’s nests are a centuries-old delicacy. Edible-nest swiftlets, a species of bird native to Southeast Asia, build the nests from their saliva. The nests are used therapeutically in traditional Chinese medicine.


What are the Most Common Nutrients Found in Edible Bird’s Nests?

Both macronutrients and micronutrients are found in edible bird’s nests.

The raw ingredient contains water-soluble proteins and carbohydrates. From calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, sialic acid, and amino acids, it has every essential nutrient that a child needs for his or her healthy development.

Edible bird’s nests also contain a plethora of bioactive compounds that might have health-promoting effects.

These include glucosamine, sialic acid, the structural components of fat called fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and the building blocks of proteins called amino acids


These are the 9 things you need to know about bird’s nest


  • Promising Antiviral Agent

Edible Bird’s nest can be a promising antiviral agent. A study from University Putra Malaysia had shown that edible bird’s nest exhibits antiviral against influenza virus, Specially, itt has displayed neuraminidase inhibitory properties in both vitro and in vivo conditions.

Consuming the Edible Bird’s nest  helps to build up and boost the body’s immune system against influenza strains, which is helpful to fight against these coronaviruses. As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure.


  • Good for the skin

Edible bird’s nests have long been promoted as a beauty treatment, with claims that they moisturize, whiten, and protect the skin from oxidation 

In fact, proteins found in edible bird’s nests have been shown to protect the skin barrier and provide anti-aging properties

Further, some people believe that these nests, which have a collagen-like texture and structure, can strengthen facial collagen and improve sagging skin.



  • Enhance Immune System

It appears that some bioactive compounds found in edible bird’s nests could potentially hinder the flu virus.

Bird’s nest also contains cyanic acid that allows it to inhibit melanin production. It does this by binding to viruses and inhibiting within the binding process that sits between the virus and cell surface receptors. Thus, it is able to prevent viruses from entering the cells and preventing viral infections like influenza.  


  • Excellent Nervous System & Blood Care

Since it also contains sialic acid, which is also the main component among the glycolipid group, it improves your memory as well. The glycolipid group is also part of the function of the brain and even has abilities to help reduce inflammation that happens in the nervous system. 

If you are suffering from any blood-related illnesses or health problems, bird’s nest can help. Even if you are just recuperating from an illness, it is important that your body receives nutrients that are nourishing. This allows you to recover healthily. 


  • Promotes Bone Health 

In Asian culture, edible bird’s nests have been known to improve overall body health including bone health. Modern research has found this applicable in promoting bone health. Bones are rigid structures that make up the body’s skeletal system. They are essential to the body’s support system and safeguard a range of key organs. Bones are also involved in the formation of white and red blood cells, the storage of minerals, and the regulation of body movements and locomotion.


  • Relieves Fatigue

One systematic review in animals showed that edible bird’s nests enhanced cognitive performance by lowering inflammation and oxidative stress

For those that are always staying up late due to various reasons, bird’s nest might be your solution to relieving that exhaustion. Not only does it help balance your body, but it also provides your body with nutrients to replenish the fatigue you felt. 



  • Speeds up Recovery

When Bird’s Nest is consumed in moderation, its unique predigested form of proteins and nutrients is said to aid recovery from chronic illnesses.


  • Good for the Elderly

The bird’s nest contains many amino acids such as Histidine, Arginine, … has the role of stimulating digestion, increasing the absorption of nutrients in the intestinal tract, precursor to serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps the body regulate appetite, sleep and mood in old age.


  • Good for Pregnancy

Pregnant mothers who consume bird’s nests have been known to recover faster after delivery, experience lesser loss of hair, and deliver healthier and fair skinned babies. For postnatal health, consumption of Bird’s Nest gives the mother more energy, better sleep, and the feeling of vitality.






About Pristine Farm

Pristine Farm ensures that our clients’ well-being is protected by assuring high-quality, health-centric processing that prioritizes hygiene and precision. 

Our bird’s nests are responsibly sourced, not just to preserve your health, but also to support safe harvesting procedures that ensure the wellbeing of Southeast Asia’s swallow population. Our bird’s nests are well-known for their great taste, beautiful colors, and long-standing therapeutic benefits. To learn more about our edible bird’s nests, visit our online store.

Our Farms are located in the most Pristine area. Bird nests that come from pristine areas consist of higher nutrition (sialic acid, etc), as proven in recent scientific studies.

Pristine Farm’s processing facilities cleans bird nests from debris and other impurities. These facilities use 100% natural processes that are tightly managed by a stringent set of standards.

Our finished-product factory, which is located in Singapore, is certified with HACCP & ISO22000, one of the highest standards in the food industry. It is the final process before being sent to customers.

✅ 100% Natural

✅ State the amount of dry nest used (no hidden information)

✅ Processed in ISO22000, HACCP & Halal Certified Facility in Singapore

✅ Quality Control from bird house to end consumer

✅ Products are freshly made when the order comes in

✅ No middle man from farm to table. Most value for money and affordable price

Bird Nest Benefits (Video)

Bird nest has a tradition of consumption for at least 1000 years, and has been passed down through generations. However, with modern science, this belief is no longer just a tradition. Because bird nest benefits are now proven by many studies and researches.

Bird nest is beneficial for our body organs, immune system, and cell regeneration.

This short informative animation video will explain the various benefits of consuming bird nest for bird nest consumers like pregnant women, seniors, and others.

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Bird nest benefits:

  1. Enhance brain development and intellectual advantages
  2. Anti-aging
  3. Improve skin complexion
  4. Promote bone strength and formation
  5. Boost body immune system
  6. Promotes healing of bones, skin and muscle tissues after injury and is recommended for those that are recovering from surgery
  7. Prevent colds and flus, neutralised influenza virus
  8. Enhance liver function and improve heart function

Modern research has found that, It contains glycoprotein that promotes recovery and anti-aging, antioxidants that can boost immunity as well as sialic acid which is essential for brain development.

Besides that, bird nest is suitable for all ages of people, even for children, and it is best for pregnant women and seniors.

Wanted to know how to consume bird nest effectively and the best consumption frequency? Click here.

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6 Superfoods That You Can Cook With Bird Nest

Many people know that for bird nest, it is commonly cooked with goji berry, red dates, ginseng etc. However, bird nest actually can go along with many other healthy foods.

Here are the 6 superfoods that you can cook with your bird nest

Chia seeds

The small chia seeds are rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, which is beneficial for enhancing immunity. Studies show that chia seeds may lower the rise in blood sugar level. It is the most weight loss friendly dietary nutrient, because it’s high in protein and fiber, which also improves your digestive health.

Dry apricots

Dry apricots are low in calories and fat and it’s a perfect source for vitamins A and C. It contains numerous antioxidants, which can help protect your body from many chronic diseases and also boost your skin complexion. Apricot is a good source of soluble fiber, which can boost your digestive health.


Barley contains a range of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial plant compounds, adding barley to your diet may reduce heart diseases risk, such as high blood pressure. The high fibers contained plays an important role in digestion and reduce cholesterol levels.


Cranberries are a good source of vitamin B and C which can boost your immune system, support collagen production for wound healing and a better skin complexion. The vitamin E contained can also prevent the risk of getting chronic diseases.

Acai berry

Acai berries contain healthy fats and low amounts of sugar. It is rich in antioxidants which counteract the damaging effects of inflammation and oxidation in the brain, this can help boost your brain function. According to some studies, acai berries have even shown to have an anti-cancer effect.


Pomegranate has antioxidant, anti-viral and anti-tumor properties and is a good source of vitamins. It is able to boost your immunity, improve your memory. protect you from free radicals and heart diseases and lower your blood pressure.

For all the 6 superfoods that were mentioned, you just add a moderate amount while cooking the bird nest, that’s good enough for a better taste, and you can also enjoy the health benefits !

Freshly Cooked Bird Nest (Video)

The newest edition of our products as well as our current best selling product, is the freshly cooked bird nest selection. Just like a catering, right after our factories cooked the bird nest, we will deliver it to your doorsteps right away on the same day!!

The quality of bottled bird nest is a main concern for majority of the bird nest consumers, like preservatives issues, high heat treatment, and other additives that decrease the bird nest quality (Pristine Farm’s bird nest does not contain any preservatives). 

Freshly cooked bird nest uses natural ingredients and, we cook it with low heat in double boiler, the traditional way. Because this way, it best reserves the nutrients in bird nest, so is the most beneficial to your health. Want to know more about the benefits of consuming bird nest? Click here.

Our factory in Singapore also produces other “ready to eat” selections. The factory is equipped with one of the highest food safety standard (ISO 22000 and HACCP) We are producing for you daily with our full attention and special care. We hope to build confidence with our customers because trust is out main priority. So try out our freshly cooked bird nest now!! 

To see more content about our bird nest products or information about bird nest, check out our YouTube


Pristine Farm Company Philosophy

3 Most important aspect of Pristine Farm: QUALITY, QUALITY, and QUALITY. Your values aligned with our mission as we want to see our customers have a better life quality.

Holistic approach to wellness is one of the crucial approaches. Through bird nest we hope to provide a strong supplements for people who is living a hectic modern life. Know more about the benefits of consuming bird nest, click here.

Bird nest naturally has different quality from the harvesting places to the way it is processed. We harvest all of our bird nest from our own farms which is in the pristine area (less than 9 people living in 1 km2). Furthermore, Agriculture Institute in Indonesia already proved that bird nests from pristine area have higher nutrition value.

Besides that, our farming method is also sustainable, thus healthy bird will generate healthy products!

Pristine Farm offers freshly cooked bird nests that use natural ingredients. We use double boiler with low heat to cook our bird nests, the traditional way.

  1. Farming

Our Farms are located in the most pristine area. And the recent scientific studies proved that bird nest that comes from pristine area contains higher nutrition value like sialic acid etc.

2. Processing Facilities

Pristine Farm’s processing facilities clean the debris and other impurities from bird nest. These facilities use 100% natural processes and are tightly managed by stringent set of standards.

3. Finished Product Factories

Our finished-product factory, which is located in Singapore, is ISO22000 certified which is one of the highest standards in food industry. This is the final process before we send our bird nest to customers.

Pristine Farm hope to give confidence to our customers because trust is out main priority.

Know more about the bird nest product we offers, click here.

Bird nest reviews on Pristine Farms Premium Bird Nest

Are you still trying to search all over the web just trying to find the best bird nest that is the most suitable for your needs? Well, instead of checking the various bird nest brands, why not find out what other bird nest consumers says?
Check out this bird nest video reviews on Pristine Farm’s bird nest, see what our consumers say about our product.

This bird nest video reviews is about Pristine Farm’s Premium Bird Nest. We offers 3 flavours (honey rock sugar, less sugar and american ginseng) that can satisfy your needs.

Pristine Farm bird nest

In Pristine farms, we offers freshly cooked bird nests that use natural ingredients. Our bird nests are cooked with low heat in double boiler, the traditional way. We have received many positive bird nest reviews by our customers and we will continue to improve more and more.

  1. Farming

Our Farms are located in the most Pristine area. Therefore bird Nest that comes from pristine area consist of higher nutrition (sialic acid, etc), as proven in recent scientific studies.

2. Processing Facilities

Pristine Farm’s processing facilities cleans bird nest from debris and other impurities. These facilities use 100% natural processes that are tightly managed by stringent set of standards.

3. Finished Product Factories

Our finished-product factory, that is located in Singapore, is certified with ISO22000, one of the highest standard in food industry. It is the final process before being sent to customers.

We hope to build confidence with our customers because trust is out main priority.

Stay tune for more bird nest reviews!

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上面的视频是我们Pristine Farm的顾客对我们燕窝产品的真实反馈和评价。

视频中的产品是Pristine Farm’s Premium Bird Nest, 这款燕窝有三个口味可以选择(石蜂糖,少糖和高丽参)来满足您的各种需要。

Pristine Farm 燕窝

Pristine farms 提供新鲜刚煮好的燕窝,我们使用天然成分,确保无任何添加物。 我们用传统的双层锅炉小火煮燕窝。我们的新鲜燕窝一直以来收到了很多顾客的 好评,但同时我们还在不停的改进,进步,只希望能在确保品质的同时,给顾客更好的产品。


Bird Nest – Wet Pick VS. Dry Pick

Majority of the bird nest consumers are still wondering: What are the difference between dry pick and wet pick bird nest? Which one is better, wet pick, dry pick or half dry half wet? Does picking method affecting the bird nest quality? Well, we will answer all of your doubts, just keep reading!
Bird Nest Wet Pick vs. Dry Pick by Mr Harry Boedi Mranata, owner of Indonesia’s Registered Bird nest Factory No. 001 & 009
Interviewed by Mr Stefanus Koh, Managing Director of Pristine Farms Premium Bird Nest, Stessa Group Pte Ltd, Singapore

Video Transcript:

In the industry, there’s wet pick, dry pick, or half dry or half wet.

What are the difference between them and which one we use in our processing?

So this one terminologies, obviously the terminologies will be defined by the person who interpretes it. So there’s no common standard. But in general, for example half dry and half wet for our understanding in our company is pretty much similar. Half dry and half wet, it is basically half of them.

Let we start with wet actually.

Wet processing is the most common processing method. It’s practiced everywhere. And it’s the easiest way to pluck off the feathers. Because you soak the bird nest in the water. Now there are a lot of variations to do this. Some people just soak in the water, and then let it a bit dry on the table, some people just do it in the water, some people let it for a day, they keep it for a day, and then they do it tomorrow.

A lot of variations basically but it soaks in the water for a quite a while. That’s wet pick. And the result of the wet pick is usually cleanest. Because when it’s wet, it tends to open. The pores of the bird nest tend to open.

The result of the wet processing will not be the same with the half dry or dry, in terms of the surface. Because it needs more moulding, more shaping, more drying and tends the fibre you can see, it’s already opened and it tends to be flat and all these things. For half dry it’s not going to be very clean but it’s natural process.

How about the nutrition? Any difference, wet and half wet?

Let me explain maybe half dry and half wet one first.

Basically it’s not going to be clean but you actually pluck the bird nest in the sort of dry condition. So it still have a shape, but it’s not flat or it’s not something wet. It still have a shape, and you pluck it off. But that being said, you cannot reach the deepest part of the bird nest and it’s really hard to basically get it out. So the dirt later when it soak and prepare for cooking there might be some debris still.

In terms of the nutritional values, people believe that the dry one retains more, that’s why they keep on saying natural natural natural. In terms of the wet one, it dilutes the nutrition. People believe. But there’s no conclusive evidence. There are small researches here and there that basically collaborate with that, and maybe have the same tendencies, but there’s no definite conclusive answer yet about what are the nutritions that dilutes, how many, what are the percentage, before and after, huge amount of samplings, and all these, it hasn’t been done.

The trade-off is if we use wet pick we’ll get a cleaner product and maybe food safety-wise is better. And the customer enjoys it (more), they can cook without feather, Yes, and without plucking again, yes. But of course, what I’m trying to say here, what I just explained is just black and white. They have grey area obviously.

We have hundreds if not thousands of processing factories. Every factory has their way of doing that. How to bridge these two, to still retain the good quality products, but doing it faster. Some are successful in doing that but is not always black and white, there are also some certain part of the processing factories that can also optimise the nutritional values, cleanliness and all these things in the same time, and not pulled in different extreme.

You mean wet and dry?

Yes, wet and dry. Wet has to be losing nutritional values and all the stereotypes. But this is usually the tendency in the factory processing. There are techniques, mini techniques that is applied to minimise. So to get the best product, clean, but nutrition value high, and food safety. If I can tell, all of our products in the registered export to China, they all use water because of the nitrite, doesn’t mean it’s wet but they all use water.

Wanted to know more about the benefits of bird nest? click here

Awesome Tips On How To Effectively Consume Bird Nest

In this video we will give bird nest consumers a few awesome tips on the best bird nest consumption frequency so that it’s the most beneficial to your health. As well as how to consumer bird nest effectively!

Now, many bird nest consumers are still not very sure with the bird nest consumption, like how many they should eat per day or which time of the day they should eat and how to consume bird nest effectively. Bird nest is considered a relatively expensive superfood that has high nutritional value, so if you wanted to make your money worth it, just keep reading.

Hope you find this video helpful and clear some of your doubts about bird nest. 🙂

Credit: Thanks for the free vectors from: https://www.freepik.com/

Video Transcript:

I believe many of you wanted to know how often you should consume bird nest so it’s the most beneficial to your physical health.

So today I will share some awesome tips on how to effectively consume bird nest!

  1. For bird nests, it’s important to keep a Long term consumption. 
  2. The best consumption frequency is 4-7 times a week.
  3. And every time the recommended intake is 4-7 grams

Because bird nest is a natural nutritional tonic, It will be absorbed like other normal food instead of medicine.

Its nutritious content will be absorbed gradually and consistently, that’s why you should consume it regularly for a long period of time, because that’s when you can observe the amazing results that it offers!

Bird nests are best to consume on an empty stomach so that your body can better absorb the nutrients. Therefore you can eat it before meals, when you first wake up in the morning or before you go to sleep at night.

We hope you find these tips helpful and stay tune for more content!

Wanted to know which bird nest is suitable for you? click here.

Premium Concentrated Bird Nest Pristine Farm

Pristine Farm Premium Bird Nest Concentrated 100g with honey rock sugar

  • Consist 5g High Quality Dry Bird Nest
  • Bird Nest harvested from our own farms
  • Thick & Concentrated bird nest content
  • Processed in Singapore ISO22000 Facility

For premium bird nest concentrated, Pristine farm offers 3 options to satisfy our customers’ different needs.

  • honey rock sugar
  • less sugar
  • ginseng

You can purchase the premium bird nest by clicking here.

Check out more videos about bird nest on our YouTube channel.

Pristine Farm优质高浓度燕窝(石蜂糖口味) 100克

  • 含有5克的优质干燕窝。
  • 燕窝都是来自我们自己的农场和工厂
  • 燕窝高含量高浓度
  • 拥有 ISO22000认证等多项安全认证

Pristine Farm优质高浓度燕窝为了满足不同顾客的不同需求,一共有三种不同添加物和口味可以选择。

  • 石蜂糖
  • 低糖
  • 高丽参



Bird Nest Can Prevent You From Cold and Flu?

Does eating bird nest helps to prevent cold and flu?

Well, covid-19 is a serious matter and a hot topic currently. With the current covid-19 situation, everyone is very concerned with their physical wellness, especially when it comes to colds, flus and fever. And many people are wondering whether consuming bird nest can help to prevent cold and flu.

So today we will share with you the benefits of consuming bird nest in terms of how bird nest can prevent colds and flus. 🙂

Now, with the current covid situation all around, everyone is very concerned about their body immunity and health.

And do you know that eating bird nests can actually prevent colds and flus and improve your body’s immunity?

Well, Bird nest is a natural nutritional tonic. It contains protein, minerals and amino acids, which are the nutrients that can boost our body’s immunity and increase resistance to external environmental factors. Bird nests are also rich in glycoprotein and sialic acid. See more benefits of bird nest, click here.

According to National Centre for Biotechnology Information, sialic acid in bird nest is an active ingredient of the anti-flu virus.

Therefore it can neutralise the viral infectious activity, and will not be degraded by digestive enzymes. Sialic acid helps in resisting a variety of infective bacteria. Therefore consuming bird nest can prevent you from getting cold and flu.

Watch more bird nest related content, check out our YouTube.





因为燕窝是一个天然补品,它含有丰富的蛋白质,矿物质和氨基酸。这些营养都可以提高我们身体的免疫力,增强我们对外界影响的抵抗力。燕窝还含有糖蛋白和唾液酸。想了解吃燕窝的更多益处,click here