1. How long is the turnaround time of delivery for freshly cooked orders?

  • Orders received before 6pm can be delivered the next day between 2-5pm, except weekend & public holiday.


2. Can freshly cooked orders be delivered in the morning?

  • All freshly cooked orders are prepared in the morning. Thus, it can only be delivered in the afternoon.


3. Can we choose the specific time for delivery of freshly cooked?

  • We will inform our courier about this, but it is not guaranteed since the courier follows a route that is efficient for them.


4. How long is the turnaround time of delivery for bottled bird nest drinks and dry bird nest?

  • Delivery date will depend on the courier, usually takes 3-4 business days. But we always make sure to prepare the orders for next day pick up.



1. When is it best to consume freshly cooked bird nest?

  • In the morning before breakfast or before bedtime. It’s recommended to consume bird’s nest soup on an empty stomach, to allow the body to better absorb its nutrients.


2. Can 1 bottled bird nest be consumed in few days or just one day?

  • Recommended to finish it on the same day as opening to keep the freshness.


3. Is bird nest safe for pregnant women or lactating mothers?

  • Yes, it is totally safe and recommended for pregnant women and lactating mothers. Bird nest contains sialic acid, which is very important for child’s development. But please also consult with your gynae if needed.


4. Can we adjust the sweetness level of our freshly cooked bird nest order?

  • Our freshly cooked bird nest products are originally less sweet, but customers can request for no sugar too.


5. How to reheat cold freshly cooked bird nest?

  • Reheat by soaking the jar on a bigger bowl/pot with warm water.


Shelf life/ Storage

1. How long is the shelf life of freshly cooked products?

  • Freshly cooked bird nest should be consumed within 3 days when refrigerated. When frozen, it can last longer.


2. Bottled Bird Nest drinks shelf life

  • 18 months from the production date. The expiry date can be found at the bottom of every bottle.


3. Bottled Bird Nest Storage

  • Unlike freshly cooked bird nest, you don’t need to refrigerate the bottled bird’s nest upon receiving. Room temperature & avoid high temperature and direct sunlight will do.



1. What is the type of bird’s nest that we are using?

  • The type of the bird’s nest used in our bottled bird’s nest is Mess type, which is harvested from one of our own 400 farms in Indonesia to ensure that only those with the highest quality are used in manufacturing. The raw bird nests are then processed using the dry-picked method to preserve the most nutrition.

2. Do you have other products aside from bird’s nest?

  • We also offer sea bass fish collagen and other healthy food and drink products. You can get them on our website: We are continuously developing other products and in order to stay updated, you can also follow us on Instagram for latest updates:

3. Can we include a message for gifting purposes?

  • You can put the gift message on the order remark or whatsapp us with your order number. Please also include the sender’s name.

4. Can customers request for the receipt to be removed from the order?

  • As a matter of practice, we always don’t include the receipt as many of our customers are sending as gifts to their loved ones.

5. Can subscription customer request for more than 2 jars in one delivery?

  • Yes, so long as all can be consumed within 3 days. Minimum of 2 jars per delivery.

6. Do you still accept the bottles back for recycling?

  • The recycling is discontinued because the jars can’t be used more than once for freshly cooked bird nest.