About Pristine Farm

“Supply Chain” Integrated Company

1. Farming

Our Farms are located in the most Pristine area. Bird Nest that comes from pristine area consist of higher nutrition (sialic acid, etc), as proven in recent scientific studies.

2. Processing Facilities

Pristine Farm’s processing facilities cleans bird nest from debris and other impurities.

These facilities use 100% natural processes that are tightly managed by stringent set of standards.

3. Finished Product Factories

Our finished-product factory, that is located in Singapore, is certified with ISO22000, one of the highest standard in food industry. It is the final process before being sent to customers.


Our Story

Our parent company, Adipurna MJ PT. (AMJ) was established in 1988 by an Indonesian renowned biologist and President of Indonesian Bird Nest Association, Mr. Boedi Mranata. AMJ has produced arguably the most credible and premium bird nest product due to consistent incremental improvements, scientific approaches,  standardization, and many innovations within the company. Producing the largest edible bird’s nest volume in the world, AMJ is trusted to export to various country including China, Singapore, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Etc.

In Singapore, under Pristine Farm brand, we are committed to carry on the company values of excellence. Our philosophy has always been to put customers first in our activities. The quality control and standardization of our production process is rigorous and is integrated along the value chain. We operate from the most upstream production with 400+ farming facilities and 8 cleaning factories, to the most downstream retails. Therefore we closely monitor every step of the way on our production process to ensure food safety and optimum quality.

We are thankful to our customer for the trust and support. We always take your feedback and opinion to further improve and serve you better.

Harry Mranata and Stefanus Koh